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Our Clients Say...

Amaris Jose Kyra.JPG
"Kyra is an amazing woman and she is amazing at what she does. She will help you get through your labor and birth with ease. She has a great ability to keep you calm and comfortable as well as strong and focused on your birth goals. "

Amaris Bracero

Arvella Hill

“I just want to say Kyra Lanae was so amazing. She was professional but also like a sister. She listened to all my wants and needs."

Jessica Newton

"Being a new mother can come with many worries but having Kyra as my doula put all my worries at ease. I couldn't have had a better experience when it came to labor."

Tempest Cooper

“I am her first Deaf client she ever work with. When I have baby #2, I will def rehire her again!!!”
“I am so thankful for Kyra. I feel hopeful that if was again to have another child, I could do it knowing that Kyra would be there to help. I highly recommend Kyra!”

Anakai Ney

Emily Franco

“Kyra was my doula for my hospital birth and she was so amazing to work with. I would definitely hire her again in the future! "


"She was very helpful when it came to deciding what worked best for me and my partner and always made sure we were comfortable above all else."


“Kyra was a phenomenal doula and amazing support for me during my entire pregnancy and postpartum as well.”
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